Skip Hire Sheffield is a UK based firm. We provide services for hiring skips throughout the United Kingdom. Our sole purpose is to satisfy our clients by fulfilling their needs and facilitating them by offering our services. We are not only providing skips but also offering satisfactory services to our clients and available 24/7.


We provides different kinds of skips, in different dimensions but the quality remain same.


Prices vary from article to article. Order now and get a discount of £20 on your purchase.


We have sum-up the information for you and you can search your answer in this portion.


Skip Hire Sheffield is not only providing products but also offering services for our clients to choose which skip they need to hire. So do not worry if you are hiring a skip for the first time in your life or planning to have the services for waste management. We will guide you completely. Our team is professional and skilled. The cost to hire a skip varies and depends upon multiple factors but size, and time are the most dominant factors.
When you compare the price vs quality attributes, then you will find the cost acceptable. Our mission is to satisfy customer needs because your satisfaction is our top-priority. As far as the size is concerned, Skip Hire Sheffield offers different dimensions and sizes of skip hire that can be used for different purposes. Skips are available as per the nature of work, for instance, for collection of home waste, industrial waste,  and to hire for one time or periodic clearance of debris.


If you do not have enough space to locate the skip then in that case you need to ask for a ‘’skip permit’’ from your local Council. It is a legal requirement. It is mandatory to provide Skip permit to avail services from Skip Hire Sheffield if you get the permit on your own. In a scenario where you do not have an area for the placement of Skip then we will ask you for a Permit and after that, we will proceed with the services.


Charges vary in different locations of the United Kingdom. Because distance matters a lot in the provision of skip hiring services. For example, if you want to hire a skip of 4 yards and its price is currently between £176 to £214 then the exact amount will be finalized after getting your location. So before confirming the services from Skip Hire Sheffield, to hire a skip of your required dimension, must confirm the price after sharing your location.


You just need to contact us and we will share a true reflection of your requirements as much as possible. Skip Hire Sheffield has some pre-hiring terms and conditions. Generally, 14 days are the standard time period for hiring a skip, and if you want to keep the skip for more than 14-days, additional charges may apply on it. Our representative will share the complete details with you to avoid any ambiguity in later stages. Once the duration and charges are decided both parties (Skip Hire Sheffield and client) need to follow them rigorously.


Skip Hire Sheffield is providing a variety of skips in different sizes and dimensions. Prices of the skips vary the size and area. The bigger the size of the skip, the higher will be the price. The smallest size of skip that is available in our stick is 2 Yard while the biggest skip is 16 Yards. You can see the details on the sizes of skips along with prices in the price section. Where we have mentioned the prices along with the Dimensions (L x W x H) size of the skip. 


Mini skips are used for small jobs where you need to remove or collect garbage in less quantity. 2-yard and 3-yard skips are both known as Mini skips. No special manpower is required to lift this size of skip. As the size of the container is not so big and you place it even inside the house like kitchen and bathroom. It is useful to collect waste from the kitchen, washrooms, and yards. Mini skips offered by Skip Hire Sheffield can be used to remove waste from different areas. One can easily afford them and also use them easily. It is user friendly and also does not require any manpower for placement. If this type of skip is suitable for you and you considered it sufficient then what are you waiting for, order now.

On the other hand, if you need guidance then talk to our representative and finalize your decision. Experts can guide you better in the selection of Skip because they know the usage and capacity of the skips.


Midi skip sizes are the most used skips in the market. Skip Hire Sheffield is providing midi skip at very reasonable prices. Such skips are nowhere near to midi skip but closely related to mini skips. Midi skips include;  4 yards skip and 5 yards skip. 4 yards midi skip can hold 40 to 50 large bags while 5 yards midi skip can carry up to 50-60 large garbage bags. This is generally used for domestic and industrial waste collection and removal.  These sizes are generally acquired with some effort to lift the waste. You can use this type of skip for the collection of home waste, kitchen waste, waste from washrooms, rooms, and garden waste.If you are going to place this skip on the road then you need to have a skip permit from the relevant local council authority. Label the skip to be aware of the people who are using or passing by it.

On the other side, industrial waste can also be collected by using midi skip sizes. It is conventional and eco-friendly skips and can carry heavy quantities of waste. It is also the most used skip in the United Kingdom. Just visit the price and size section of Skip hire Sheffield and place the order as per your requirement.  I.


As the name indicates, builder skip sizes are used for construction waste. These are also commonly used by industries. It is a heavy-duty skip that can carry a heavy amount of waste in it. Skip Hire Sheffield is providing Builder skip at very attractive prices with optimum quality attributes. It consists of 6 yards and 8 yards skip. Waste from construction and industry is heavier in weight and also needs a large area for collection. Such waste requires a stronger container than any other waste. Builder skip sizes qualifying the required specifications of construction and industrial waste.sit to hire a skip you need to make a call and talk to our technical representative. For any further query, you can contact us through the we be and also we are available on your call to resolve your issues. For any further query, you can contact us through the we be and also we are available on your call to resolve your issues.

These types of skips are ideal for heavy-duty waste collection by renovators and builders. Usually, a skip is hired for a specific period of 14 days or for more time. Prices vary for hiring and procurement. Both types of yards are provided by the Skip Hire Sheffield and available when required.


Maxi skips are second bigger size skips after builder skips and these are known as multi-task skips. Maxi skips are of multiple sizes, initial measurement  is 10 yards and ending with 18 yards. Other sizes are 12 yards, 14 yards, and 16 yards skip. You can choose as per the waste disposal produced by you. Our technical team can also guide. Maxi skip sizes are used for bulk waste removal from different areas.  If you are from the construction industry or running a project that can produce a huge amount of waste then Skip Hire Sheffield is providing the best solution for your waste removal problems. Furthermore, we are available 24/7 to guide you about the best possible solution to discard your garbage material safely at an affordable price. Skip Hire Sheffield is providing different solutions under one roof. We do not send the waste material to landfills but to recycling plants. As an environmental friendly waste management company, we send 98% of the waste material to recycling units.

It is feasible to collect and remove waste from houses, industries, construction, garden, and any other bulk wastes. For these areas, Maxi skips are available in different dimensions and also you can get it by ordering online or on just a single call. Heavy waste required heavy material container skip. Maxi skips are best for all purposes mentioned above. 


RORO stands for ‘’Roll on and Roll off ’’. RORO skips are number 1 in terms of their sizes as compared to other skips. These skips are used for collecting giant sizes of waste material. It is suitable for waste collection from retailers, shops, houses, industry, construction sites, and huge garden waste. It is mostly used by builders and contractors for heavy waste removal in the United Kingdom from various sites. Roll-on & Roll-off skips sizes are 20 yards, 25 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards skip.Prices are available in the prices section for all types of skips. You can also get details in the FAQ section where required. To be entertained from our spicy offers contact us instantly. A 20% discount offer is still available on buying a skip from Skip Hire Sheffield. Choose your skip as per your requirement and order now to avail our discount offer.

Skip Hire Sheffield is providing RORO skips in all sizes. These skips are of double strength as compared to other small skips and having outstanding attributes. .


Lockable skip includes skips which can be locked. Such types of skips are used when there is a need to lock the waste. customers use lockable skips, considering various needs. There is a requirement in industries to lock the waste to avoid the intentional mixing of expired waste into fresh products to harm the reputation of the brand. the second major reason where waste needs to be locked in case of industrial waste to avoid brand misuse or reuse by any other person. Lockable skips are also used to collect recycled wastes.If you want that no one else can dump waste in your skip then a lockable skip is made for you. Just hire it and use it to fulfill your purpose. Prevention of mixing of waste can also be avoided by lock and key.  If you want to keep your waste separate and locked to avoid cross mixing then a lockable skip is the best skip for your waste requirements. 

If you want that no one can mix up different kinds of waste and you want to lock the waste then a lockable skip is the best option for you. In the United Kingdom, lockable skips are commonly used by both kinds of clients. 


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