Midi stands for medium skips and it contains two types of skips. Skip Hire Sheffield has a variety of skips in their stock. Midi skip is the second category after mini skip which is used for the removal of domestic waste. There are two types of midi skips; 4 Yards skip and 5 yards skip. Midi Skip Hire Sheffield has a carrying capacity of 3 to 4 cubic yards. These types of skips are best to remove waste for the renovation of the kitchen and bathroom. Besides renovation, it can also be used for garden waste and household waste.


Midi skip hire cost is competitive with the market leader. We charge reasonable prices to our customers and in return giving satisfactory services. The cost of the midi skips is started at £85 pounds and can be up to £240 pounds only. To be more precise, if you want to hire a 4 yards skip then you need to pay between £174 to £214 pounds. And if you require a 5 yards midi skip then the price will be 210 – 240 pounds. The final of midi skip depends on the area and distance but it will be within said range. Skip Hire Sheffield covers a vast area in the United Kingdom. 

We are also known for providing online services for hiring a skip. You can book your skip by using our website and we are available all the time for your support. If you are in search of skip hiring services and want to pay online, then Skip Hire Sheffield is offering this service. You can use all types of credit cards to pay your skip hiring bill while sitting in your home. We are proactive in our services and providing quality skips in the entire country to get rid of your accumulated waste. We are also environmentally friendly as all waste is recycled by following the proper channel.


According to the size of Midi skips, it is further divided into two types;

  • 4 Yard Skip
  • 5 Yard Skip


4-yards midi skip falls under the category of midi skips. It is 1 yard bigger than the 3-yard skip and has a carrying capacity more than the mini skip. Overall size measurement is 7 feet long x 5 feet wide x 3 feet high (2.13m x 1.52m x 0.91m), Holds up to 40-50 black bin bags, and Price range from £176 – £214. It is among the widely used skips in the United Kingdom. Midi skip does not require a license for placement inside the house but in case you want to place it outside your area then it needs a license for placement at the time of hiring a skip.


Midi skip falls in between mini skips and heavy-duty skips. You can hire a midi skip from Skip Hire Sheffield. Size measurement of 5 yards midi skip in length, width, and height are 7.5, 5, and 3.5 feet respectively and holds up to 60 black bin bags. In the United Kingdom, most of the clients hire this type of skip for the removal of heavy waste like removal of mud, grass, and weeds from home gardens. Secondly, it is a type of skip that is also preferable for house waste, garage waste, and waste from DIY shops. The price of 5 yards midi skip is between £210 to £240.


Midi skips are used by the majority of people and the reason behind this can be found in the below points. Skip Hire Sheffield Besides price, location, area, and legal requirements also fulfilling other benefits that customers want on priority.


Midi skips are cost-effective as compared to all other options. Skip hire Sheffield is offering midi skips hiring services at quite reasonable prices. Its size is bigger than the mini skip but smaller than the large skips category due to which they are easily fit inside your premises and you do not need any extra space to place them. Their price is between £174 to £240 pounds along which is best.


If you are planning to redesign your washroom and in search of a solution to collect your waste. Midi skip hire with 4 and 5 yards size is appropriate for this purpose. You can use it for the collection of mud, sand, pieces of bricks, etc. Customers often require decoration of their bathrooms and kitchen and designing them as per their taste. Waste collection and removal is one of the biggest challenges and also time taking tasks. For such renovations, midi skips are recommended to use and avail services from Skip Hire Sheffield along with skips hire.


If you are changing your house and moving to another location then there is also a need to remove rubbish before leaving your flat or house. Midi skips hire are sufficient for such house clearance. You can book midi skip hire along with our services of waste lifting from your location. Skip hire Sheffield is providing services for waste removal from houses. You can hire a midi skip for the removal of waste at the time of shifting from one to another house. You can dump old stuff, plastic items, mud, and debris in a midi skip.


House or lawns of offices required continuous maintenance of grass and plants. As a result, we need to remove the waste of grass, mud, broken pots, vegetation, and weeds. Such type of waste requires skips bigger than mini skips because this waste is heavier in weight and also covers more space. Midi skips are suitable for such type of lawn clearance and waste removal from your location. Skip Hire Sheffield is providing skip hiring services and also 24 hours support as per customer demand. Midi skips easily fit in your lawn or walkways which makes them acceptable among customers.


It’s a common practice in every home to clean their house annually or upon season change. Such type of cleaning is called deep cleaning of the house. During this, we came up with a lot of waste after the cleaning of the house. This waste includes old furniture, garbage, old clothes, plastic furniture, sand along with debris, damaged glass, and crockery. Such types of waste required smaller to larger containers. And midi skips are fulfilling this type of waste collection requirements. as these have more capacity and also easy to install in your house. You can place midi skips in your yard or garage.


Midi skips can be hired for the offices and shops. Both 4 yards midi skip and 5 yards midi skip can be used for commercial waste removal. These can be placed inside your shop or also on the road. You can also hire it for one day and can avoid license requirements. Because if you are hiring skip only for waste removal then you do not need to fix it on the roadside. our team will lift the waste and move the skip on the same day. if you want it for a longer time than parking areas or backyards are suitable for their placement. You can fix them inside your premises.


DIY stands for do it yourself. If you are doing any task by yourself instead of hiring the services of any professional. For example, you are renovating your room or making your wooden table then it will be called a DIY activity. If you are doing this kind of work then there is a need to collect and remove waste. On the other hand, if there is a garage in your house and you are doing different work there then you can hire a midi skip for debris collection. This can be fit in your garage. It is nearly 7.5 feet in length so you can easily throw larger size waste in midi skips like doors.