Skips are the type of container that is used to collect waste and garbage from houses, construction sites, gardens, retailers, or megastores. As the name indicates, Mini Skip Hire Sheffield, it is the skip of the smallest in size amongst all other sizes of skips. There are two variants in mini skips; 2 yards skip and 3 yards skip. Mini skips are easy to allocate as these are smaller in size. Skip Hire Sheffield is providing Mini skips which are environmentally friendly or eco-friendly because they can be recycled. In addition, the second major attractive characteristic of mini skip is that you can afford them easily due to their less cost.


Due to small size and high demand, the price of mini skip firing is available at the lowest prices. Both types of mini skips can be hired at quite reasonable prices. For the Yards, the mini skip cost ranges from £126 to £271 while for  3 yards mini skips price is starting from 158 pounds and increases up to £271. Skip Hire Sheffield mentioned the prices in range because prices vary from area to area. It can be increased and decreased according to your area but will be within the mentioned range.


According to the size of mini skips, it is further divided into two types;

  • 2 Yards Mini Skip
  • 3 Yards Mini skip
Mini Skip Hire Sheffield


It is the first type of mini skips. Its size is 2 yards or 1.8 meters. Two yards mini skip is the smallest in size and also least in price. Skip Hire Sheffield is providing this mini skip in minimum prices with optimum capacity. This skip is useful for the removal of home waste, garden waste, small shop garbage, or photocopy shop waste. Easy to carry and clean. You can see the details on dimensions, capacity, and price in the below points.

  • The capacity of 2 yards mini skip: the strength to hold 20-30 garbage bags
  • Measurements or dimensions:  5 x 4 x 3 (Length x Width x Height), unit of measurement is in feet.
  • Price: 126 – 271 pounds 
  • Recyclable or not: yes recyclable


It is advisable for less waste collection. A small family can use this type of skip to collect and remove waste from their houses. Best for kitchen and home garden debris. If you are so concerned about the usage of this type of skip then Skip Hire Sheffield has enlisted below uses for mini skip with 2 yards in size. 

  • Home waste
  • Kitchen waste
  • Garden waste
  • Bathroom waste
  • Re-construction or renovation waste of small areas


Forbidden waste means waste which is not allowed to be dumped in 2 yards mini skip. To avoid any safety issue and for the sake of our environment, there are some items and scrap that is not allowed to be removed in a 2 yards mini skip. Below is the list sum up by Skip Hire Sheffield for the customers and users.

  • Chemical waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Biological waste
  • Asbestos
  • Gas cylinders
  • Paint 
  • Lead tyres


For 2 yards mini skip this requirement is not applicable in most of the cases. For clarification who is hiring skip yard for the first time. The skip permit is required when you do not have enough space to place the skip in your own land and are going to place it in public properly like on road or street or any place other than your own property. In such a condition you are obliged to get a permit from the local council for the placement of skip in public property. A 2 yard mini skip is small in size and can easily be placed inside the house, so in most of the cases skip permit or license is not required.

3 Yard Skip Hire Sheffield


It is the second type of mini yard skip. Its size is 3 yards or 2.7  meters. 3 yards mini skip is slightly larger than a 2 yard mini skip. This is best for waste removal in less quantity. It can be used to get rid of waste from houses, small offices, garden waste, or any smaller waste premises. Specifications of 3 yards mini skip are mentioned in the below points.

Capacity (garbage carrying capacity): 30 to 40 garbage bags holding capacity

Size or dimensions: 6 feet Length x 4 feet Width x 3feet Height

Price: 158 – 271 pounds 

Recyclable or not: yes, can be recycled


If your waste is in small quantities then a 3-yard mini skip is the best selection for you. In a 3 yards mini skip you can remove waste from small areas. Skip Hire Sheffield has prepared a list for a 3-yard mini skip considering its use.

  • House waste
  • Small offices waste
  • Workshops wastes
  • Waste from DIY tasks
  • Mini garden waste


Forbidden means which is not allowed. There are often questions asked by our customers about what cannot be thrown into skips. Considering the customer’s need, Skip Hire Sheffield has compiled a list of waste which is strictly prohibited to dump into 3 yards mini skip.

  • Biological waste
  • Hazardous waste (like hazardous chemicals)
  • Metallic cylinders which are used for propane or butane gas
  • Asbestos
  • Firefighting cylinders
  • Fluorescent bulbs and lights
  • Tube tyres or lead tyres


A 3  yards mini skip is small in size and can easily be placed inside the house, so in most of the conditions skip permit or license is not required to get. As in the case of in house placement, a skip permit is not required. The skip permit is required when you do not have enough space to place the skip in your own land and are going to place it in public properly like on road or street or any place other than your own property. In this scenario, it is mandatory for the customer to get a skip permit from the local council and submit it to the service provider for the issuance of the skip.


The first question arises why it is beneficial to use mini skip hire for waste removal. If you have the same thoughts in your mind then you are going to find the answer to your questions in this section in detail. There are a number of different reasons which tend you to hire a mini skip for debris removal but here we will discuss the most popular and relevant reasons.


Whenever you want to purchase or hire anything, the first thing that comes up in your mind is the price. So as far as the price is concerned, it is the most affordable skip in the United Kingdom. It is one of the major reasons that is widely used in the United Kingdom for the removal of waste. The price of the 2 yards skip is £126 – £271 and for 3 yards skip is £158 – £271.


Mini skips can be recycled and used again for the same purpose. Therefore mini skips are called eco-friendly skips. The size of the mini skips makes them a recyclable product and ultimately eco-friendly solution for the removal of waste. It is a sustainable solution for getting rid of waste and also keeping your environment the same. 2 yards mini skip and 3 yards mini skip both fall in the same category.


Mini skips are the mini form of larger skips. Due to its small size, it is easy to handle with minimum manpower. You alone can hold it. If you want to change the location and plan to place it in another location, you can easily drag and fit it from one to another location of your house. Skip Hire Sheffield is considered the easiness of their customer and provides services for the hiring of 2 and 3 yards mini skips. We have in hand stock for you. Order us at any time.


Mini skips cover less area due to its small size. If you have a small house or office and want a handy solution for your waste collection then a mini skip is made for you. Just order Skip Hire Sheffield and get your skip in your house. Allocation of mini skips is possible inside the home, vehicle parking area, and also in your mini garden. It will cover approximately 3 to 4 meters of area for its placement.


If you are a busy person and do not want to be involved in the skip permit procedure. Mini skips; consisting of 2 yards skips and 3 yards skips. As it is a mini size skip and does not require extra space for its placement and you can easily place it inside your house. In this way, you are excluded from the skip permit requirement. Just contact Skip Hire Sheffield and hire your mini skip for your use.


If you do not have enough space and are in search of a solution for it then mini skips are available in 2 yards and 3 yards sizes. Both sizes can be utilized for waste removal from the home. It has the capacity to carry the bags ranging between 25 to 30. To lift up your home and household dump, mini skips are suitable for your use. 


Mini skip yards are recommended to use for commercial waste. Waste produced from small offices and shops required mini solutions. Mini skips are available by Skip Hire Sheffield. In commercial waste offices, shops, and DIY (do it yourself) waste is included. Such type of waste does not require any bigger skips. Secondly, in commercial areas, you cannot place bigger skips as in that case you need to get a skip permit which is difficult in the case of commercial areas. So, in that case, hire a mini skip yard and remove garbage whenever needed. 


In small workshops that are related to wooden work or any electrical works. In that case, you need to waste frequently. Mini skips are an affordable solution for such wastes. The price is reasonable and you can also place it within your workshop. Moreover, this type of skip fulfills your needs. You can dump all kinds of waste except for prohibited materials.


People nowadays are more environmentally friendly and due to this reason, they grow their own plants and vegetables along with some followers. Such mini home gardens required soil and garden waste. Mini skips can easily carry that type of waste and it is also allowed to dump that type of waste in mini skips. Skip Hire Sheffield is providing services for such waste collection and has mini skips in their stock for your use at reasonable prices.


After any family event or gathering, we required a waste cleanup from our premises which required some cheap solution. Mini skips can easily remove that type of waste. You just contact Skip Hire Sheffield after your event and we will lift up the waste. It required less budget and a quick solution to this type of waste.


Skips are the type of container that is used to collect waste and garbage from houses, construction sites, gardens, retailers, or megastores. As the name indicates, mini skip, it is the skip of the smallest in size amongst all other sizes of skips. There are two variants in mini skips; 2 yards skip and 3 yards skip.

Mini skips are smaller in size and usually placed in small areas like near the parking zone, the backyard of the houses, or waste areas of industry. For mini skips, skip Hire Sheffield has a special kind of truck in which skips are delivered and offloaded at customer’s premises. Once the skip is filled, we will lift the waste on a customer call and dispose of it as per the legal requirements of the environmental authority of the UK.

You can hire a skip up to 14 days and after that, you need to pay extra charges for each day. If you think that you want to extend the hiring period of mini skip then you just need to update us for a time extension. We will apply charges for each extended day.

We provide services as per the demand of the users. And a big yes for daily services. If you want to have an explanation on this subject, you may contact us. We will share the terms and conditions which are applicable to your requirements.

Skip hire Sheffield is providing services for the waste removal and we will remove the waste once the skip is filled, you can contact us and we will empty the skip. if the time is p we will also lift up the skip from your premises.

There is a specific limit for the waste fill up into the skip. Levels vary from the skip to skip depending on the height of the skips. You cannot exceed the height of skips. More than the height of skip waste dumping is not allowed. To avoid any safety hazards during transportation we need to take care of the said limits. So up to the height of the skip is the optimum filling level.

You can keep the skip in your premises approximately up to 14 days and after that, you need to ask for a time extension where required otherwise we will lift up the skip after the agreed time. Everything should be agreed at the time of firing and extension depends on the customer demands.

Yes, there are certain terms and conditions on the type of waste that can be dumped into the mini skip. You can dispose of all kinds of waste in mini skip except biological waste, hazardous waste (like hazardous chemicals), metallic cylinders which are used for propane or butane gas, asbestos, firefighting cylinders, fluorescent bulbs and lights, tube tyres or lead tyres.

As mentioned in the main content, Skip Hire Sheffield is providing mini skips for domestic waste collection. You can hire a mini skip of 2 yards or 3 yards for the collection and removal of waste from your house or garden inkling household waste.

Prices mainly depend upon the size and the area where you need us to provide services. Skip Hire Sheffield are offering reasonable cost for the mini skip hiring to fulfill the requirements of our customers.

After collecting waste from the customers we fulfill the requirements and instructions that are given by the environmental authority of the United Kingdom. Once we collect the waste we hand over it to recycling plants. After that, they provide us with a certificate showing the amount, date and other information on it. we hand over a copy of that certificate with the relevant customer for its record.

Currently, we are not offering this service to our customers. We do not entertain permanent skip hiring customers. As we are a service providing company and offering a skip on a rental basis for a specific period of time.

A big yes on services provided during the weekends. Skip Hire Sheffield is provided on all days of the week and we are available at any time to deliver a skip at your premises.

The payment for hiring a skip is very simple. You can pay us online at the time order on our website. All types of credit cards are accepted for the payment of skip hiring services. Our technical assistance is available at your disposal.

If you want to know about the size of skip which is suitable to collect your waste then visit our size section. In that section, we have mentioned the capacity along with the sizes of the skip. For your ease please go to the size section and check your required skip. Our technical assistance is available at your disposal.

If the filing limit I exceeded, then extra waste needs to be removed then extra charges are applied to it. For the filing limit, you see the capacity section of the mini skip. where it is clearly mentioned that you cannot exceed the optimum level but incase where the limit is exceeded then you need to pay extra charges. Recycling firms charge an extra amount for waste exceeding the filling level.

Yes, for a longer time than the agreed one we charge an extra amount. Secondly, you need to inform us timely for exceeding the time that you want to keep the skip hire on your premises.

If the waste inside the skip is more than the optimum level. The maximum filling level of each skip is mentioned on our website, exceeding that level will be charged by the company.

If you want us to pick up the waste before the agreed day then you need to contact us time so we can make the necessary arrangements for your waste removal.

We usually deliver skips within 24hours after booking but in case you required a skip permit that books your timely. At least 5 days required for issuance of a skip permit, so book your skip timely to avoid any delay and price fluctuation.

Yes, there is a specific limit for waste filling in the skip. The waste filling level is different for every skip. It depends upon the size of the skip. In general, you can dump your waste up to the height of skip. Above that is not allowed due to certain reasons. Filling more than the limit can tend to extra charges by the service provider at the time of lift up.