Skip Hire Sheffield top priority is to offer reliable and affordable ways to eliminate waste materials effectively. We have a vast range of RORO Skip Hire, perfect for every type of project that produces enormous-sized garbage. Our company offers RORO skips of all sizes; you can rest assured that you will find a suitable skip for your site. However, RORO skips are the best choice for commercial and industrial needs, but you can also hire these skips for domestic markets because of their colossal size.


RORO skips are the largest skip sizes which have the capacity to remove enormous-sized waste materials from industrial sites. The RORO skips have four different sizes of skips and their waste carrier capacity is from 20-tonnes to 40-tonnes. These skips are hired at industrial sites where the maximum amount of waste is produced in a few days. The prices of these skips are different and also the location and hiring period clearly impacts on these prices. 

If you want to make a comparison between our prices with other companies for RORO skips, you just need to click on the compare prices button and find a clear difference in these prices. We are proud of being the cheapest skip dealers in Sheffield and all around the neighbouring localities. Moreover, if you have any query regarding the skip permit and any other thing which relates to skip hire, please don’t hesitate to speak to us. 

Our customer care department is available at 24/7 to provide the best professional assistance for the safe and hassle-free removal of waste materials. Roll-on Roll-off skips are the largest containers providing relief to the customers in removing the enormous-sized waste materials. These giant skips have four different famous sizes which we are offering at Skip Hire Sheffield and we have discussed them in detail. 



According to the size of RORO skips, it is further divided into four types;

  • 20 Yard Skip
  • 25 Yard Skip
  • 30 Yard Skip
  • 40 Yard Skip


You cannot handle the waste at commercial and industrial sites with regular skips, so it is better to hire a 20-yard skip that can easily store a lot of stuff in it. These skips are famous as they accommodate building jobs as they can manage vast and bulky materials. The dimensions of the 20-yard skip are 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 4 feet high. If you are having more than 20 tonnes of waste at your site whether it is a commercial or industrial site, the 20-yard skip size will provide you hassle-free and safe removal service at the most affordable prices. It has the ability to store up to 230 black bin bags so that it can help a lot. In addition, if you don’t have enough space to place the 20-yard RORO skip hire Sheffield inside your premises, then you will have to acquire a license for the placement of the skip in public property or on the road-side. For this purpose, Skip Hire Sheffield can help you in getting the permit on your behalf. In conclusion, we are here to provide easy and comfortable skip hire services. 


The 25-yard RORO skip is famous for its commercial and industrial service as it can dump a tremendous amount of waste. It is the second colossal RORO skip as it helps you get rid of the vast mess. And it is also affordable as compared to other RORO skips. The large-scale industrialists prefer to hire this skip size because of its huge dimensions. Whereas, the builders are also hiring the 25-yard skip when they have tonnes of waste material and want to clear out in one go. A 25-yard skip has the capacity to accommodate more than 280 black bin bags of rubbish materials. It means that if you have 25-tonnes of waste material then don’t hire two or more small skips when a 25-yard skip is available for this purpose which will help you save both time and money.  The dimensions of 25-yard skip are 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, 5 feet high. In addition, the domestic clients also hire the 25-yard skip rarely when they have huge construction work at their home. So, this skip can perform multiple tasks. If you want to seek further assistance in hiring the skip, feel free to talk to us. 


As we know, construction at commercial and industrial sites creates a lot of mess and to manage this mess, we need dustbins, but the regular size would not help, so the best choice for this job is a 30-yard skip. It is the second-largest skip size which is available at Skip Hire Sheffield. It has extensive dimensions which can handle more than 330 black bin bags of rubbish material quite efficiently. In other words, this skip can hold up to 30-tonnes of garbage in one turn. The 30-yard skip dimensions are 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, 6.5 feet high. These skips are helpful in removing the industrial sites waste materials which produce hundreds of tonnes of waste after every fortnightly basis. Moreover, these are also helpful for keeping the construction sites bulky waste such as boards, bricks, cements, soil, and many other items which you can’t place in other skip sizes. 


40-yard RORO skip is the largest skip available at Sheffield Skip Hire, and mostly used at places where there is a lot of rubbish, such as commercial and industrial sites. You can use it as you want as it is available in a vast size but also affordable and reliable. Its waste carrier capacity is up to 440 black bin bags which is a massive amount of waste. In simple words, the 40-yard RORO skip can hold 40-tonnes of rubbish in one go. It means that if you are an industrialist and have produced tonnes of waste then you should hire this skip size due to its extensive dimensions. The 40-yard skip is 20-feet long, 8-feet wide, and 8.5-feet high. So, even if you have enormous-sized waste at your commercial or domestic site due to some renovation, construction or extension projects, we will provide the largest 40-yard skip at your desired location at a convenient time. 

This skip size requires a permit from the local city council authority to place at the private property or on the road side. In conclusion, we will provide all the services under one roof including the license requirements on your behalf. So, contribute to the safety of your environment and feel happy by producing a liveable environment.


The Roll-on, Roll-off skips have the most extensive dimensions in the skip hire sizes. These skips have proved themselves as the most reliable, effective, and efficient way of waste management in the United Kingdom. Some valuable benefits of RORO skips discussed below. 


Our company offers quick delivery at your desired place and time, and with less delivery, it helps you reduce the size of your carbon footprint. And it also allows you to manage the waste in a small space, which helps in the reduction of environmental pollution and many other chronic diseases as it is vast and spacious.


Our company offers the best customer friendly offers as you have to put the waste in the skip and we must collect the waste and provide the delivery services at our footstep without causing you any stress. And if you are at a construction or industrial site then it would be tough for you to manage all this so to avoid this you can hire our service.


Transportation costs a lot and also causes distress, but our company provides you with skip service at a very reasonable price without any extra charges. The price of skip is affected by different factors such as size, location, and restriction. But it also keeps you safe from any legal issues as our company is reliable and trustworthy.


Sometimes regular skips are not enough to handle the immense waste so to manage all the vast waste RORO skips are the best choice as it is spacious and can store a lot of bulky and heavy stuff. It is built in a way that it does not look bad or disturb the view of the place, and it leaves a good impact on clients if you are using it for construction or industrial site but can also be useful for domestic needs.


Some uses of RORO Skip Hire are mentioned below;


These skips are used at construction because the material you use at construction sites, cannot be put into the regular skips as they require huge space.


Home renovations include a lot of metal and woodwork, so pieces of these materials should not be scattered here and there as they can be dangerous for animals and children as they can swallow them and get hurt.


Cleanups require a lot of space where you can manage the waste of these cleanups, so these vast RORO skips are famous for these projects as these skips can store a lot of mess. Commercial properties waste disposal Development of commercial properties creates immense waste and to settle it without any stress, and you can hire our company’s skip as these are spacious and long-lasting.